Have Baby, Will BlogHer’12

I caught the travel bug in my late teens.

After a lifetime spent going nowhere for holidays or summer breaks, I stamped my first passport for Scotland a week after my 20th birthday and I’ve been going ever since.

I’ve traveled by plane, train and automobile across the country plus some other pretty terrific places, like England, France and Italy.

In all my travels, my parents worried about safety warnings and crime.

My mom didn’t even like my driving into my native Flint to see garage band shows and perform in theater shows. Even after someone jacked my junky ’82 Buick La Sabre, I blew off any and all concerns she and my dad would share.

“There’s bad people in the world, baby,” my dad would say.

But now, I’m packing my bags with onesies and diapers going to New York City via a red-eye tonight for BlogHer’12 with hubs and my delicate, sweet baby girl.

For the first time, I’m worried about hotel bed bugs (thanks Beth), pick pockets, poor weather and Central Park muggers. I mean, one could be lurking there right now waiting to snatch up a really cute baby.

Irrational fears aside, I’m looking forward to raising up a well-traveled kiddo. We’re even trekking out to the Bronx for a day at Yankees Stadium.

Consulting the multitudes of advice on traveling with an infant helped me prepare and I found some good tips on nursing while flying that calmed my nerves.

In fact, I did more preparing for my tiny progeny’s trip than I did considering my own wardrobe (for the first time ever).

Though, I’m far too practical to believe that I have to buy travel baby gear more expensive than the stuff I use everyday – so I’m taking what I have and hope it works out.

Once we get through security, I’ll breathe easier until I remember I’m speaking on Friday afternoon and I’m still trying to collect my thoughts.

Wish us luck!

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