Twitter-holics: Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted

I finally have to face it: I’m a Twitter-holic. Some get their social media fix with Facebook, but it doesn’t give me nearly the same thrill. Here are some of the ways I recognized my addiction problem and if you have had similar experiences, please share. Together, we can heal.

10: You can no longer befriend non-Twitter users.

9: Its not that you don’t care about other tweets, but you really just scan through for ones mentioning you.

8: You say to co-workers: “Thank God its #Follow Friday!”

7: You dream in 140 characters.

6: When a newbie follows you, you decide to hold off on following them back until they get a bit more popular.

5: News organizations no longer exist. Example: “Did you hear that a shooting just happened 4 seconds ago? Ya, Twitter just told me.”

4: You giggle knowingly when a newbie confuses hashtags with @ replies. I mean, really, how silly are they?

3: A popular Twitterbug celebrity mentions you in a tweet and you get an incredible sense of self-worth.

2: After days of getting nothing retweeted, you stay in bed with bon bons and watch Oprah.

1: You consciously scan ongoing conversations with friends for witty gems and then interrupt: “That’s funny! I’m gonna tweet that right now.”

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