The Adventures of Batman


Batman: The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. The World’s Greatest Detective. Cat Mischief Alarm?

Hubby tried most everything to keep the cats off the counters. He even went so far as to even set mouse traps beneath Trader Joe paper bags so they would snap and rattle the bags whenever they popped up for a peek.

The first night he administered this teaching method, we were just about to pull the bed sheets back when we heard a bevy of frightful snaps from downstairs.

After a while, fewer traps were set off and frankly, I was getting tired of being scared by them myself. So, the method was retired and we moved on thinking our little plan had worked.

A few months passed and Brian came home one day with a small Batman figurine in mid-stride with the wind blowing back his stealth black cape. He decided to adhere the Batman to a magnet, cut around the base and slap him on the refrigerator. It looked funny, like he was running against the law of gravity on the front of our refrigerator.

While digging around in the appliance, I knocked him off and decided to stick him to the top of the door where he would be less likely to fall. Or, so I thought.

The next week, Batman mysteriously fell on the floor. A couple months later, we found Batman on the living room floor.

In both instances, the cats sat with their grey fur faces titled ever so slightly in amusement. Brian would scoop up the fallen hero, point his “daddy” finger at them and direct them to “stay off the refrigerator!” In proper response, they would scurry off upstairs and feign shame for their bad behavior.

Last Friday, I awoke to Violet being tucked on my left side as usual and sat up to find on the carpet between the bed and the master bathroom lay Batman. Holly laid at the foot of the bed sound asleep.

I got up, knelt down to the Caped Crusader and laughed. Brian stirred in the bed, turned his head toward me and inquired to what gave me a giggle. I picked up the figurine and showed him.

“I think we’ve been training them to think its a game,” I said. “We’re bad cat parents.”

I walked Batman into the master bathroom and stuck him on top of my Q-Tip container. Brian asked me why I did it and I said: “Maybe he’ll end up back on the refrigerator.”

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